Design Automation and Custom Programming

Automated Design and Custom Programming

Design Automation and Custom Programming

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shorter quoting cycle


reduction in design errors


faster product configuration

Key Benefits

Configure and Customize Your Products in Minutes

  • Streamline your product configuration tasks with Automated Design and Custom Programming
  • Shorten your time to quote and deliver customized designs
  • Integrate 3D CAD models into all phases of your business
  • Create production-ready outputs in less time
Design Automation


Boost Productivity and Reduce Time-Consuming Tasks

Design Automation with SOLIDWORKS

Automate future orders based off existing CAD models, and reduce repetitive tasks with tools like the custom property tab builder or DriveWorks Xpress.

Design Automation with DriveWorks

Impress your customers by creating “one-off” designs with advanced features and quickly fulfill your sales orders in DriveWorks – taking your design automation to the next level!

Design Automation Consulting

Increase productivity with top-notch training for engineers. Store 2D and 3D CAD data for future project automation, and equip your team with the knowledge to implement design automation into their design routine.

Custom Macro Creation
What People Are Saying

DesignPoint has enabled us to use strong drafting services to design our product, and then support the product as we grow our company. We’ve been able to accomplish more, faster with DesignPoint support than we would have with dedicated in-house people. This has made a significant competitive advantage for us.

-Steve Wand | Alcoil President & CEO

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