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What are your passions?

What are your talents?

Who are you serving?

What is it?

It's Meant to Be.

Employees excel when they lean into their talents and passions. This perfect combination of skills and enthusiasm brings out the best in your team and the best in your business.

My Story™ engages employees in a career-level conversation that asks, “What are you good at? What are you passionate about?”. Managers empower employees to a write a career path that optimizes engagement and productivity for your business.

Instead of the traditional “top down” growth, the sum of these individual stories drive company growth.  It’s safe entrepreneurship.  And now is the time.  It’s meant to be.

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Key Benefits

Supporting Employees; Spurring Innovation

  • Less turnover as your employees are empowered to write a career path within your business
  • Safe entrepreneurship, where your business benefits by honoring the diversified talent within your company
  • Higher engagement and employee morale
  • Better results as your people become true stakeholders of your company’s vision
What People Are Saying

I never thought I could love a ‘job’ as much as I do. My work has become a passion of mine and I was given the opportunity to grow with no restrictions. Now it’s time to pay that forward and ensure that all of our leaders can cultivate an environment where our people blossom and truly love their careers.”

-Jenna Boyle | DesignPoint VP of Finance & Operations

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