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About Our Team

We are passionate about building solutions that help product design, engineering and manufacturing companies maximize their potential.

DesignPoint provides complete solutions for engineers, by engineers. Founded 20 years ago by two engineers from Villanova University, we continue to uphold our passion in assisting our valued partners. With a qualified team of experienced professionals, we offer SOLIDWORKS 3D design products, Markforged and BigRep 3D printers, support, contract services, and training needed to streamline product development.

More Is Possible.®


We are on a mission to help our customers understand that more is possible. We believe in developing trusted partnerships with our customers by helping them achieve game-changing results.

Start reaching your business goals with intelligent technology proven to increase time-to-market, while reducing time, costs, and avoidable mistakes. We make it easy.

Meaning Behind The Mark

designpoint logo

The inner two circles form the shape of the letter D and the letter P for DesignPoint.

finger print

The outer circles represent a human fingerprint, inspired by the personal touch that DesignPoint brings to their service.

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At the heart of the brandmark is the letter P, highlighting that people are at the core of everything DesignPoint stands for — their team and the clients they serve.

design point

The three rings are symbolic for the 3D CAD solutions and services that DesignPoint stands behind.

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Engineering Support
Engineering Engagement
Engineering Help

Active Engagement – We love being involved with our customers for all things engineering. We continuously help and provide support throughout our entire engagement with you.

Analytics-Based Support – We measure our success by how well we support our customers and have various metrics in place to make sure we stay on-track to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction.

Think Like an Owner – Each team member takes initiative and when engaged with a customer, always focuses on the customer’s business goals.

Good Enough, is Never Good Enough.”

DesignPoint Team

We deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction by helping our clients optimize product development processes and business results.

The DesignPoint Experience '


DesignPoint’s engagement starts with an in-depth study of your organization and the problems it is facing. Only then do we recommend a solution that can best fulfill your company’s requirements. The solution may be a combination of software, such as SOLIDWORKS 3D mechanical design software, targeted training, and our unparalleled technical services and support. Our engagement with each customer is ongoing and we continuously look at your business and execute engineering improvement solutions in order to accomplish your engineering goals.

Our Clients

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Ready to Work With Us?

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