Your Engineering Transformation - Make It Happen

An overview of our cutting-edge offering - aimed at turning your status quo into a 3D mastery machine

Are you consistently achieving your annual goals?
Is your engineering team as efficient as they could be?
Are you getting the most out of your software investment?

Through our Assessment Service, our team can help your company discover just where you need to place your efforts for maximum impact. We will assess, provide insight, and then work together to develop a timeline for your goals and objectives.

3 Things We Hear Most

It's like a broken record, and we're here to fix it. You've told us your three main challenges:

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You're under the gun. There's tremendous time pressure to get things done.
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You're too analog. Slow, manual processes are slowing you down.
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Folks aren't using tools as effectively as they could.

Seek to Understand Day

Below is a sample meeting schedule for an assessment.


More Is

Expected Outcomes:
Your Vision, Your Future
Do us a favor. Rank these in order of importance:

Stop turning away business. Increase our engineering output to meet our customer’s demand.

Increase our win rate on proposals.

Use the Rule of 10. We need to reduce design errors and field failures, pronto.

Managing and mitigating risk:

  • Obliterate risk of becoming non-competitive.
  • Let’s work together to maximize the benefit of your engineering investments.

Add new products. We want to increase our variety by upping our rate of development.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Decrease risk associated with engineering investments.
  • We want you to feel good about the money you’re dropping on subs.

You're under the gun.

  1. Improve and speed up your RFQ process – improving your win rate and mitigating cost/risk associated to those that you don’t win
  2. Consistently hit your engineering deadlines through improved software usage
  3. Increase engineering output to meet customer demands and stop turning away business

Too analog.

  1. It’s time for some housekeeping – replace those antiquated processes with new and efficient processes
  2. Allow more time for new product dev by eliminating slow, manual tasks and redundancies
  3. Lower your TCO and risk associated with engineering investments by improving your internal processes

Folks aren't using the tools.

  1. Improve your engineering ROI by maximizing individual productivity
  2. Get Best-in-class engineering results, no matter what size company you are – level the playing field
  3. Develop a sustainable model for growth and development, across your engineering and manufacturing teams

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