ColorJet Printing Technology

3D Systems – CJP 360C & CJP 460Plus


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Key Benefits

Affordable, Fast Color 3D Models

  • Perfect for conceptual designs, architecture, and collectibles
  • Ideal for businesses and industrial design departments
  • Excellent for university settings
  • Easy to use—spend more time creating and less time learning the tool
  • High resolution results at the lowest build cost


Larger build volume than 260C


More color combinations than the 260C


Faster than building models by hand


Build volume

8 (W) x 10(D) x 8(H) inches

Build Material

VisiJet PXL gypsum composite

Color Capability

White only – CJP360
Full CYM (1 million colors) – CJP460Plus

X-Y Resolution

300 x 450 DPI

Vertical build speed

0.8 in/hr

Layer thickness


Minimum feature size


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