Direct Metal Printing (DMP) 3D Printing Technology

3D Systems – ProX® 200 & 300


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Key Benefits

Production Grade Metal Parts

  • Create chemically pure, fully dense, non-porous metal parts
  • Accuracy compatible with EN ISO 2768 (fine) machining tolerances
  • Highly repeatable and accurate results
  • Seamless integration into various industries including dental, orthopedic, automotive, jewelry, aerospace, and more
  • Use for direct creation of conformal tooling, tool inserts, and blow molding


as dense as the original material


faster development time from concept to production


Larger build volume of the ProX300 than the ProX100

3D Systems ProX DMP 200 3D Printed part
3D Systems ProX DMP 200 3D Printed part
3D Systems ProX DMP 300 3D Printed part


Max Build volume

5.5(W) x 5.5(D) x 4.9(H) inches (ProX200)
9.8(W) x 9.8(D) x 12.99(H) inches (ProX300)

Laser Power

300W (ProX200); 500W (ProX300)

Build Materials

Ready to run materials: CoCr, SS 17-4PH,
Maraging Steel, AlSi12

X-Y Resolution


Layer thickness

Down to 10um


±0.002” with 0.002” minimum

Material Handling

Semi-automated (ProX200)
Fully-automated (ProX300)

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