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BigRep is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its range of additive manufacturing solutions – the BigRep PRO. German-made for speed and precision, the PRO is a machine for industrial solutions.

BigRep has designed and manufactured a machine that prints with engineering-grade materials to ensure users can manufacture the applications they need, in large scale. The PRO is an industrial 3D printer that responds to market demands.

The BigRep PRO has been expertly engineered to equip companies with advanced technology to print large objects with industrial-grade materials.

Large-Scale Prints

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Industrial Material Compatibility

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Bosch Rexroth Technology

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Build volumex 1005 y 1005 z 1005 (mm)
Layer height resolution0.1 mm – 0.8 mm*
Max. Extruder Throughput with 0.6 mm nozzle500 cm³/h
ExtruderTwo MXT extruders
MXT with 0.6 mm nozzle
Printing technologyFFF – Fused-Filament-Fabrication (Material Extrusion)
Certified BigRep materialsASA, PA6/66
More engineering materials in development
Support materialsSoluble Plastics
Print bed temperatureMax. 99 °C
Printer weightApprox. 1550 kg
Sizex 1950 y 2430 z 1790 (mm) – (Without towerlight)
Power3 X AC 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 5100 W
Safety certificationsCE approved
*Depending on selected nozzle
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