Markforged – Onyx One Pack

High Strength 3D Printing Technology

Markforged – Onyx One Pack

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Key Benefits

Push Past Weak, Unreliable 3D Printed Parts

  • Perfect for engineers – create parts for a wide variety of applications using Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament
  • Expand business opportunities and project types with higher heat deflection temperature – Onyx parts can withstand under-the-hood environments
  • Receive a faster ROI with stronger parts that won’t crack or break like other plastics
  • Avoid reprinting or redesigning parts – the mirco-carbon and nylon mix allows for dimensional accuracy and a reliable print
  • Includes 4 spools of Onyx material


Average Speed Increase


Layer Height

manufacturing parts in car


Build volume

320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm

Plastic Material


Z Layer Resolution

As fine as 100 micron layers

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What People Are Saying

DesignPoint’s 3D Printing Support Team provides excellent attention and service. The fact that I can call DesignPoint and reach a live person on the phone for troubleshooting or to schedule an on-site visit creates a truly world-class experience.”

-James Lau, Mechanical Engineer


Download the datasheet to learn more about creating strong, high quality, uncompromised parts.

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