Decide Between Design Creation and Reuse in Just One Minute!

Did you know 80% of CAD work recreates a part already made?

EXALEAD OnePart is a standalone, web-based discovery application for designers and engineers to decide between design creation or design reuse. Results are fast; in under a minute you begin getting results in order to make a better decision regarding reuse. In addition, OnePart goes beyond parts and designs and even includes specifications, standards, test results and related data for engineering, manufacturing and procurement.

OnePart leverages data from existing data repositories including virtually any CAD systems (2D & 3D), PLM/PDM systems and more – all done without migrating data.

How Does EXALEAD OnePart Work?

EXALEAD OnePart helps designers and engineers find a reusable part at the speed of thought so that they can determine whether it is actually necessary to create new parts and incur the substantial costs associated with creating those parts. With just a few clicks, users explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs, gaining immediate insight into immense amounts of previously hidden data!

From there, the user can refine their search even further by using side-by-side comparisons to identify the right part for reuse. When a similar part is discovered, the user can also analyze important related documentation such as specifications, testing, validation, and certification material in multiple formats to facilitate optimal reuse and a complete view of the situation.

The Three R’s of OnePart: Reveal, Reuse, Reduce!

Make informed decisions using an integrated search experience! EXALEAD OnePart’s variety of semantic and other criteria searching and refined searches makes finding parts located in multiple sites lightning-fast. It’s an innovative, intuitive way to speed new product development and delivery and decrease design, material, manufacturing and storage costs by reusing existing legacy information assets.

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