Tech Tip: Preview Versions from the History Dialogue

Despite your best efforts, something has gone wrong with your model. Maybe you just headed down the wrong path while making some changes. You know you want to go back to an earlier version, but how far back? Was it the one I checked in this morning? Or yesterday? I’m not sure’

Thankfully, we have all those version in EPDM. But still, going back though to do a “get version” is annoying’ particularly if your comments aren’t clear. And of course they aren’t! You were working quickly! Now you’re stuck guessing/checking with a “Get” of each version. But did you know, we actually have the ability to preview older version files right from the history? Simply select a version from the history dialogue, and use the “view” command up top to open that version in eDrawings. It’s that simple!

Image 1

We can look back to version 2 very quickly, and see that’s where it looks how we want, in this case the color being correct before it was incorrectly modified.

Image 2

I’ll just quickly do a GET on version 2, right in the EPDM add-in for SOLIDWORKS’

Image 3

and we’re good to go! Off and running, back where we want to be. No wasted time digging through those previous versions!

Image 4