Customizing Hotkeys in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

One of the great things about SOLIDWORKS Electrical that really sets it apart from other software packages is that it has a best-in-class user interface. With each new release of the software, we see fantastic updates that make the software even easier to use. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016 introduced some of my favorite new enhancements to the user interface, including the new properties pane and nodal indicators (more on this to come). One of the features that has been around for a while, however, is the ability to add shortcut keys in order to immediately access your most-used commands.

If you’re like me, keyboard shortcuts are something you use all day every day. Luckily, these are easy to setup in SOLIDWORKS Electrical! For each drawing type, you might want to set up a different set of shortcuts, so the first step is to open up the drawing type you want to use the shortcut in. From there, simply click on the down arrow in the Quick Access Toolbar and select More Commands

Image 1

This will bring up the Customize window. Next, click on the Keyboard tab and select a Category from the drop-down list to start customizing! The Categories are set up just like the tabs in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical command ribbons, making your favorite commands easy to find.

Image 2

Once you find a command that you want to assign a shortcut key to, simply select the command, click in the box beneath Press new shortcut key:, press the key you want to use, and click Assign.

Just to get you started, here are a few of the shortcut keys I have setup for daily use:

  1. Category: View
    Command: View extents
    Shortcut key: F (Just like the default in SOLIDWORKS 3D)
  2. Category: Modify
    Command: Move
    Shortcut key: M
  3. Category: Schematic
    Command: Draw multiple wire
    Shortcut key: W

In addition to the shortcut keys you can setup here, F7-F11 are reserved, by default, to control Drawing Parameters such as Snap, Ortho, Grid, and OSnap. All in all, these shortcuts make working in SOLIDWORKS Electrical extremely fast and pain-free!

Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Q