5 Reasons Mechanical Conceptual is your Early Design Phase Solution

  1. Design Freely. Is my concept a part or assembly of parts? Well’ Honestly, I don’t know yet. With mechanical conceptual, that’s not a problem. With a single modeling environment, you can move seamlessly between part modeling, inserting new bodies, and mating them together.
  2. Model Quickly. Pre-defined ‘Primitives’ drastically improve the speed at which you can assemble and visualize a mechanism. Need to create a linkage? There’s a primitive for that. Simply pick a start and end position, and give it an extrude depth. No sketching required! It even automatically matches the linkage width based on where it’s attached. It couldn’t be any easier!GIF 1
  3. Animate Seamlessly. Want to see your mechanism move? Just add a motor and watch it go. No need to load a separate module or add-in. You can even create a sweep volume or path, to track the location of a specific body through its range of motion in the mechanism.Image 1
    Image 2
  4. Validate Instantly. Mechanical Conceptual includes powerful simulation tools to run structural, frequency and even thermal analysis on your models. There is no reason to wait; you can confirm that your concept will work in just seconds.Image 3
    Image 4
  5. Collaborate Constantly. Communicate your design ideas with a fully-integrated, private, online ‘community’ page. Invite your team, and interact on all aspects of the design. Content can be easily viewed through a web browser, or in Mechanical Conceptual itself. Add models, screenshots, markups and notes with just a few clicks. All collaboration takes place right there in the community, not spread throughout messy email chains. It’s easy to track exactly what lead you to the design you selected.Image 5
    The community allows users to create independent threads where they can post and comment on different parts of the design in process. Mechanical conceptual also has an instant messenger service, which fully integrates with both the browser view of the community, and the program itself. As long as your team is working on the design, their opinion and insight is just a click away!

    Image 6