3 Reasons Why You Should Be Hiring Millennial Engineers

Design Automation

Millennials get a lot of backlash. Many are convinced that they’re lazy, entitled, coddled, naive, job-hopping brats. Yikes! I beg to differ, and sure, that’s biased because I’m a 20-something-year-old young adult. You can say what you want about me, a sales and marketing professional doing her thing, but what I won’t allow you to do is diss the underrepresented number of people in my generation who are engineers. You NEED millennial engineers in your workforce…here’s why.

1. Efficiency Is Their Nature

Numerous articles out there bash millennials for trying to take the shortcuts in life. I disagree. Is doing a job in four clicks instead of eight the easy way out? I’m sure if there is a deadline to get a design out the door, you’d be grateful! Does it make someone lazy? On the contrary, ‘the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in’ by definition is efficiency. Being able to work smarter, and not harder is a prevalent trait in most successful people. Millennial engineers opt to find the best way to perform a task with the least exertion of labor. It’s in their persona as engineers–hacking the system and finding a better way. It’s in the nature of a millennial–to find the better way with minimal effort.

2. They Have a Better Pulse on Technology and the Future

That’s always the case, isn’t it? The kids always understand technology and the direction where it’s headed better than their predecessors. Within the last 30 years though, technology has BOOMED. Millennials are the first generation to experience only a post-digital and globalizing world. Additionally, they have literally grown up in third spaces of digital media–that is, social media. Some have been interconnected with automation and IoT since infancy. I would incur that this upbringing leads to a natural adaption of industry, software, and social changes.

3. They’re Self Sufficient

We live in the information age where answers lie at the end of our fingertips. Scratch that, that’s so five years ago. We don’t even have to type to get answers, we just have to bring our voices to utter out a “Hey [Insert: Siri, Google, Alexa, Cortana, or whatever other AI genius you converse with].” That’s all it takes. Yet, who actually engages with the technology around them to problem solve? I’d say that someone who is efficient by nature and has a pulse on technology is tapping into that more than most people. Thus, instead of wasting precious time asking upper management for basic technical/general answers–millennial engineers are showing how self-serving they can be.

All in all, I’m speaking on behalf of precise, tech-savvy, and self-reliant individuals–stop shaming them, and start encouraging them. Hone their strengths and see what wonders they can do for your workforce. After all, with or without your approval, in less than a decade they will compromise 75% of our workforce.

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