Helping Engineering 3D CAD Firms Get Creative in Challenging Times

3D CAD Modeling Software: Helping Engineering Firms Get Creative in Challenging Times

In recent months, companies have had to get creative in how they operate. A worldwide pandemic has brought many businesses to a screeching halt. To be able to survive, businesses have had to adapt by shifting the way they do things and fast.

Engineering firms are certainly not exempt from this.

Historically, engineering has been a highly hands-on field. So, how have engineering companies managed to make the massive changes necessary to survive?

One way they have evolved is through a digital revolution that facilitates new ways of operating. While this digitization has been happening over the last several years, the transformation has progressed rapidly in recent months.

As companies worldwide have been forced to work remotely, technology has been leveraged as never before. So, how has 3D CAD modeling software enabled engineering firms to adjust on the fly?

There are myriad ways that 3D CAD software has helped them respond creatively in challenging times. This post dives into a couple of the most innovative.

A Look at the Evolution of Engineering and 3D CAD Modeling Software

Engineers once drew their designs by hand using a pencil and paper. And while some may still do this, it’s mostly driven by preference or the desire for a nostalgic approach.

Most engineers and designers have been using 3D design software for decades. The software makes the design process easy, fast, and cheap. Plain and simple, fewer resources are required when drafting is done digitally. Plus, the entire process is fully integrated—design, assessment, recalibration, and production become much more seamless.

Configuration, testing, and calibration can be accomplished inside the 3D CAD modeling software before a prototype is ever produced. And, once a design is ready to go into production, any desired or necessary revisions can be made as they go. Changes get implemented immediately, saving time and money.

2 Innovative Ways Engineers are Leveraging 3D CAD Software

Though the pandemic has necessitated swift, sweeping changes to the way engineers work, the effects will be long-lasting. Engineering firms have been utilizing some of the most innovative features of 3D CAD modeling software to support remote operations and quick reactions during challenging times.

Rest assured, long after the pandemic is over the following advancements will have forever altered engineering.

Global Access and Collaboration

The key to effective remote operations is connection. Engineers have been using 3D CAD software to stay connected in multiple ways, including geographically agnostic access, communication, and collaboration.

Working together has gone global.

Of course, 3D software only works when people can access it. Most workers don’t have home computer setups that are as robust as what they have in the office. Many companies also can’t afford to invest the time or money required to equip their teams with powerhouse tech at home.

As this is especially true on short notice, remote desktop options that are now available have been lifesavers. This technology works seamlessly with 3D CAD modeling software, making it possible to access the same tools used in-office from nearly any computer anywhere.

With great tech solutions, engineering teams can connect, communicate, and collaborate digitally, no matter where they are in the world. This is vital to success and enables remote work to actually…well, work.

Faster Time to Market

From design through production, using a powerful 3D design software is as efficient as it is effective. The robust features enable design engineers to get creative and draft ideal solutions more expediently than ever before. They can also quickly test and reconfigure their designs right inside the software instead of having to take time to produce multiple drawings, variations, and prototypes.

Saving precious time throughout the process means those high-demand products can get to market faster. During a pandemic, when certain items (think: healthcare equipment, masks, and other protective gear) are crucial, this is hugely beneficial.

When every moment matters, the right 3D software can help engineers significantly improve time-to-market for critical needs…which can and does, in turn, help save lives both figuratively and literally.

There Is No Limit to What You Can Do with DesignPoint and 3D Software

By leveraging the best that current technology offers and using it innovatively, engineering firms have successfully responded to challenging times in creative and efficient ways. Not only have they been able to collaborate remotely, but they have also been able to respond quickly to changing needs and design products that suit the new normal.

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