3D Printed Face for a Cancer Victim

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I read an article about surgeons who have employed cutting edge three-dimensional printing technology to create a prosthetic face. Check it out…

Doctors 3D Print a Face and Give a Cancer Victim a New Chance at a Normal Life

Tue 2 April 2013 in News | Robert Dehue

That 3d printing also helps to make the life of someone who suffered a lot a bit easier is such good news. The at the time just engaged restaurant manager Eric Moger received the worst news possible. Doctors discovered an aggressive tumour the size of a tennis ball growing beneath the skin of his face. The emergency surgery that had to be done to fight this cancer removed almost the entire left side of his face. His eye, his cheek bone and most of his jaw had to be removed leaving Eric with a gaping hole where his face had once been.

Years later, surgeons have employed cutting edge three-dimensional printing technology to create a prosthetic face for Mr Moger, 60, in what is thought to be the first procedure of its kind in Britain. By making scans of what was left of his skull and using computers to recreate what his face would look like, they were able to use a new type of printer that builds up layer upon layer of nylon plastic to produce the components they would need.

This new 3d printed face has changed Erics life for the better. Now he’s able to drink a glass of water and taste food for the first time since he underwent surgery to remove the tumour. This was not possible before, he had to eat and drink through a tube directly into his stomach.


“I was amazed at the way it looks,” said Mr Moger, who lives in Waltham Abbey, Essex, with his fiancee. “When I had it in my hand, it was like looking at myself in my hands. When I first put it up to my face, I couldn’t believe how good it looked.

“Before, I used to have to hold my hand up to my jaw to keep my face still so I could talk properly and I would have liquid running out the side of my face if I tried to drink.

“We are still going to get married when this is all sorted out,” he said. “I am going to get some new teeth fitted which means I can chew again too, but after that I am looking forward to getting married and restarting my life.

“Now I have a new face for the wedding I can restart my life after having it on hold for four and a half years.”

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