Adding Duct Path to Reports in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Image 1Creating detailed models of 2D schematics is fast and easy with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Wires can be segregated by type and path, and report generation is almost fully automated. Out of the box, SOLIDWORKS Electrical comes with a number of useful reports.

The following blog discusses one way of customizing your wiring report to include the path wires take through ducts. Including this information in our reports allows us to quickly and clearly communicate the way in which we have chosen to segregate our wires.

After routing wires, the standard ‘List of wires’ report includes the wire origin, destination, wire number, cross-sectional area, and length.

Image 2

If we want to include the path wires take through ducts, we can quickly modify our list of wires report to include this information by following these simple steps:

Note: For this to work, ducts must be added as electrical project components. To check if they have been added as components, look for the component symbol (right) with the 3D duct parts listed below the ‘+”Image 3

  1. Under the’Project’tab, open up’Reports.

    Image 4

  2. Select List of wires by line style and select Properties.Note: Reports in dark red are application-level reports, while reports in green are project-level reports. If we edit an application-level report, this will be available in all projects, whereas if we edit a project-level report it will only be available within the project.

    Image 5

  3. Select the Columns tab and click on the Column Management icon on the right.Note: Alternatively, you can Right-click on any of the column headers.

    Image 6

  4. Check the box next to Duct path (Wire) and click OK.Note: There is also an option for Duct path (Cable).

    Image 7

  5. Select Apply from the bottom-right corner and then click Close.Image 8
  6. Back the Report manager, click on Update from the Management section.Image 9
  7. To update your drawings, select Generate drawings from the Edit section.Image 10
  8. Make sure that List of wires by line style has a checkmark next to it and click OK. Then click Close.
  9. Now when we look at Drawing 110 – List of wires, we can see the Duct path (wire) column and the associated information.Image 11

That’s it ‘ we’re done! Now any time we generate this report, the wire’s duct path will be included with it. The really fantastic thing about this is that, since we edited an application-level report, we never have to re-do this customization again. All of work we just did is now available in all of our projects and to all of our colleagues!