Microsoft Office Add-In for EPDM

As more companies take advantage of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, it has become common to use the EPDM vault to store documents of all kinds – not just SolidWorks documents. Of course EPDM is intended for documents of all kinds, but it has special functionality for SolidWorks documents by way of a SolidWorks add-in. Now, because Microsoft Office documents are so prevalent in the vault, there is an add-in for those as well. It came out with the release of EPDM 2014 but is compatible with EPDM 2013 too. So what’s the big deal? Why would you want or need it? Ask yourself this:

Have you ever opened a Word or Excel document from the vault without checking it out because you don’t plan to work on it (only view it), then some time later realize you’ve been making changes to it despite never having checked it out? Your changes are lost because it’s read-only. Or maybe you just ALWAYS check your Office documents out before opening them, even though you probably aren’t going to make changes, just to avoid the above problem? If so, you might want to consider this add-in. If you’re using workflows for your Office Documents then you definitely want this add-in. Here’s what it looks like in Word, but you’ll also have it in Excel and PowerPoint.

Image 1


1. Verify whether you’re running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office (even if your OS is 64-bit Office is likely 32-bit).
In Office 2010 open Word, click File-Help and you’ll see it under “About Microsoft Program”. In Office 2013 open
Word, click File- Account, under Office Updates click “About Word”.

2. Log into your SolidWorks Customer Portal ( and click “Downloads and Updates”

Image 2
3. Click the Microsoft Office Add-in (appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit version per step 1)

Image 34. Launch the download and click “Run”

5. Continue through the install wizard, choosing the default “Complete” option