Do You Have 5,800 Seconds? DesignPoint Wants To Say Thanks

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Healthcare Heroes

5,800. That’s a pretty big number. Imagine 5,800 grains of sand. Doesn’t seem like much, right? Now imagine 5,800 trees. Can you see the forest? Or maybe 5,800 cats. Woah. Someone call animal control! 5,800 also happens to be the total amount of PPE DesignPoint and its partners have delivered to healthcare workers on the front line of this pandemic. But 5,800 is more than just a PPE count – it’s a Hero count.

5,800 healthcare workers are using Face Shields, Face Masks, and Mask Extenders that came from our open hearts to their heroic hands. 5,800 nurses, doctors and first responders are saving lives because we provided the protective equipment they desperately need to do so. 5,800 selfless human beings get to focus on taking care of others, because we’re taking care of them. We’re proud to show off just a few pictures of our Healthcare Heroes with their DP PPE.

By the way, when DesignPoint says “we” what we really mean is YOU. 5,800 would have never happened if our customers and overall network, didn’t rise up with us to do MORE during this pandemic. Our collective efforts have made a huge difference for 5,800 heroes…and we aren’t done yet. DesignPoint and its friends are still working together to provide PPE to those who need it most. While we don’t know what the future will hold, we do know that we will continue to make a difference together.

We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed alongside us. If we could, we’d shout out a big, bellowing “Thank You!” to those of you who are helping us save lives. We’d even say Thank You 5,800 times in 5,800 different ways, but you probably have other things to do… like make PPE for 5,800 more Heroes.

Please visit our COVID-19 Take Action page to see a list of our dedicated partners and learn more about how you can help us fight COVID-19.

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