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Does anybody else get really frustrated when they open a bag of chips and see mostly air? I’m sure this air has a purpose, but you can’t help feeling disappointed when you open the bag and most of it’s empty.’

Image 1

So how much air is actually in these bags of chips? Well, we can use the SOLIDWORKS Intersect tool to find out! It only requires a couple of easy steps:

  1. Use Mass Properties to measure the total volume of the part.
  2. Create a reference plane that describes where the chips are filled up to. For simplicity, we’ll assume that all of the volume beneath this plane is entirely filled with chips. In reality, there is even less than the value that we calculate!Image 2
  3. Using a tool called Intersect, we’ll create solid region which represents the amount of air in the bag.’Image 3
  4. Use Mass Properties to compare the new volume with the volume of the original part.

In this case, it turns out that Generic Chip Brand is filling 53.71% of the bags with ‘air’ meaning we are getting less than half the bag. Ok, I get that chips are sold by weight’ but this just feels like a rip off! Or at very least wasteful’ why not design a smaller bag???

The intersect tool can be used to for a variety of other applications where it makes sense to split a part into separate regions. It even works with surfaces!

For a more in depth look at the process used to calculate internal volume, take a look at our blog post Great Use for the Intersect Tool!

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