Copy Tree Enhancements for 2015

Are you looking for yet another reason to make that jump to the newest version of Enterprise PDM? ‘Or are you one of those individuals who has already made the jump to Enterprise PDM and just haven’t had a chance to check out all its new features and enhancements? ‘If you answered, ‘YES!’ to either of those questions, then I think you would be very interested in hearing about the new enhancements to the Copy Tree tool. ”

Below is a screen shot of what the Copy Tree dialog box looks like in Enterprise PDM 2014:

Image 1

Here is an image of the Copy Tree dialog box in Enterprise PDM 2015:

Image 2

As you can, there are more buttons and even some graphical interface changes. ‘Let’s break down these changes.

First, we have a collapsible Settings area:

Image 3

Settings includes a Version to Use option where you can choose to use Latest or Referenced:

Image 4

Settings also includes an Options area where you can choose to Include drawings, Include simulation, Names drawings after their models, Preserve relative paths, and Regenerate serial number in cards:

Image 5

A new section in the Copy Tree is Filter Display:

Image 6

Here we can enter text to refine the files displayed in the list:

Image 7

There is also a column selection drop-down that limits filtering to a specific column such as File name:

Image 8

There is even a button that allows us to filter just parts, assemblies, or drawings:

Image 9

For more information on Copy Tree, please click here to visit the SOLIDWORKS What’s New website.