Gate Type in SOLIDWORKS Plastics

Every injection mold design that we produce will need to include a gate, the location where the plastic will enter our part. The size, location, and shape of this gate will all need to be determined by the mold designer. Common types of gates include tab gates, banana gates, and submarine gates to name a few. In SOLIDWORKS Plastics, we can utilize and test any gate size and location to improve the design of our mold. To do this, we will model the gate in SOLIDWORKS along with the runner and sprue merged into the part we are designing. This will allow us to mesh the gate along with our model, and fully analyze the flow into our design.




Once the model has been modeled and meshed we can add an injection location to the end of the sprue. To do this, we double click on Injection Location under the Input Boundary Conditions.


Then select a node on the top face of the sprue and select the icon to add an Injection Location.


We are then ready to continue with our analysis.