SOLIDWORKS Part Reviewer Tool

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While preparing to teach my first lesson in a Fundamentals I class, I remembered that SOLIDWORKS has a Part Reviewer tool. Part Reviewer allows a user to simply go through each step of the CAD modeling process by stepping through each feature and sketch as they were created. This is great for companies that have multiple designers working on one CAD model because one designer will easily be able to pick up where the other designer left off. This would also be very beneficial for companies that want to modify a part they receive from a vendor but have no idea how the part was modeled. Part Reviewer can be found under the Tools drop-down menu, as shown in the image below.

Image 2

The tool allows users to insert a comment for each feature by clicking on the Image 3 icon. The comments on the part will then be displayed when the cursor is hovered over the feature, as shown in the image below. Designers can use this to insert explanations as to why a part was modeled a certain way or to add a warning such as, “Do not edit the dimension in this feature or your computer might self-destruct!” (Disclaimer: SOLIDWORKS will never, by default, cause your computer to self-destruct).

Image 4

The animation of the Part Reviewer is shown below. Keep in mind that the tool itself is not animated automatically; the user would have to click the step forward button to move through all the features. The part can also be edited while using the part reviewer tool.

Image 5 (gif)

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