Adding a Comparison Application for the Compare Command

Have you ever tried to use the Compare tool in PDM Professional (or Enterprise PDM)? ‘View the History for a file, Ctrl + click on two version of a file and then hit the Compare Button. ‘

Image 1

And this is the message you get:

Image 2

While it’s great that it can tell us that the versions are different, that’s not extremely helpful. ‘However, this message does hint at something we can do to get something more helpful. ‘It’s telling us we can map this command to a move advanced compare tool in the PDM Administration tool.

To set this up, we need to open Settings for a User or Group in the PDM Administration.

Image 3

Once we have the Settings Window open, we need to select File Compare from the selections on the left. ‘Then we need to hit the Add button.

Image 4

Next you need to specify the files you want to associate with your compare program by typing in the file extension. ‘If there is more than one file type, separate them with a comma.

Image 5

We now need to specify the location of the compare program.

Image 6

Once we have specified the location, we need add the parameters to tell PDM to open both versions in the comparison program. ‘We do this by clicking on > button and selecting Argument “%1%” and Argument “%2%”.

Image 7

Make sure the Path and arguments to compare program looks something like this: ‘[location of program] ‘%1%’ ‘%2%’

Image 8

Now let’s see what happens when I open the same PDF again with these new settings. ‘In my case, it opens both version of the PDF’s in my PDF viewer at the same time.

Image 9

And I can then switch to the other tab to view the other versions.

Image 10

This can be adapted for file type and works best with programs that can have more than one file at once. ‘While in example is not doing an actual comparison, I can still easily view both versions of the files.

In a future blog post, I will talk about how you can use a tool within SOLIDWORKS to compare different version of your SOLIDWORKS files.