Are there ghosts in your EPDM vault?

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Do any of your users see ghosted files in the vault? I am referring to those faded icons that show up when you either initially add a file, someone else deletes or moves a file in the vault, or when you open some file types and a corresponding file is created (see example image on right). Well there are some settings in EPDM that can hide and clean up those files for you.

For a little background, these ghosted files are representative of files that are in your local cache but not in the vault. Now let’s look at how we can manage the behavior of these ghosts.

Take a look in your EPDM Administration utility. Right mouse click on the user node (Or an individual user. By the way, some of this can’t be managed by groups.) and choose Settings. Next, go to your Explorer portion of the Settings dialog box. The Automatically delete local read only files that are not part of the file vault option will remove files that may have been deleted from the vault but are still in your local cache. If users are seeing lingering files and folders and have to do a second delete to get rid of information (and don’t want this behavior), enable this option.

If you want to control whether or not you can see the ghosted files, choose Show all files to see the ghosts (local only) and the non-ghosts (vaulted), Show only files that are part of the file vault to just see non-ghosts, and Show only local files to just see ghosts.

Lastly, make sure you include extensions for all the file types you use in your vault in the Adding Files section of your User Settings. Otherwise, some file types will not be added to the vault automatically and will lost forever as Ghosts (Just kidding. Users can still manually add the files to the vault, but it is better to make sure you have the extensions you need listed in this area).

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