As Built vs Lastest Versions of Parent References – Get it?

EPDM is great for managing SolidWorks references. Once checked in, EPDM
manages the references using SQL. As your models and drawings go through versions, you
will have as-built versions that go with the parents references. If the
children (parts and subassemblies) go through changes (new version) without creating new versions of the
parents (assembly), the parent reference has the opportunity to be viewed
with As-Built or as Latest versions. Get it? No?

Let’s try illustrating it this way:

As built table 1

The table above shows that Part 2 has a newer version that exists in the
vault that was not used when designing the assembly. The As-Built version of
Part 2 for the assembly is 4 and the Latest version in the vault is 5.

So if you want to ensure that you see the As-Built version of version 5 of
the assembly, you need to explicitly get version 5 of the assembly. To do this,
select the assembly in the vault view (or SolidWorks add-in). Go to the Get
command (Action menu, then Get) and select version 5. This will show you the
assembly tree in a dialog box and even highlight Part 2 in bold because you
would not be getting the latest version.

If you perform an implicit get (e.g.: preview or check out files and you
initially did not already have data in local cache), EPDM will grab the latest versions
of all files. So even if you think you are viewing version 5 of the Assembly,
it is presenting all the latest changes (versions).

This is by design and you want to choose appropriately.

So here is another scenario:

As built table 2

The two assemblies use Part 2 at different versions. You can’t have the
same two versions of Part 2 in the same location in the vault. So you can’t
open Assy 1 and Assy 2 As-Built in SolidWorks at the same time. However, you
can use Paste Shared (Copy, Paste Shared) to create a shared instance in the
vault of Part 2. The two instances can be at different versions of the same
vaulted file in your vault view. Then Assy 1 can reference Part 2 at version 4
and Assy 2 can reference Part 5 in the vault view.

Get it?