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Your Engineering Assessment

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Engineering Assessments Transform Your Business

A Maze

Running an engineering business can be a lot like driving through a maze. There are tons of twists, turns, and the occasional dead end that challenge even the most successful company. Are your operations running as effectively and efficiently as they could?  Are your processes slowing you down? Does your team have the knowledge to optimize your route through the labyrinth? When you’re in the middle of that muddle it can be hard to know which way to turn and where the obstacles may lie.  The best way to get through the maze is with a GPS that avoids the pitfalls. Best in class companies take advantage of outside audits and assessments to ensure their business is on the right course. Lucky for you, DesignPoint can help. We offer Engineering Audits and Assessments. What goes into the process? Follow along!


Audits start with a walk and a talk – we walk your shop floor and the back office, talking to everyone involved in the engineering process to understand your current “As Is” state.  We ask your team – from design to manufacturing and users to leaders – similar questions: What are you doing now? How is that working for ya? A fresh set of eyes can see the skill or process gaps that may be hard to recognize from your spot so deep in the maze. Especially when those eyes carry the wisdom from thousands of top performing businesses behind those peepers.


DesignPoint’s engineers have years of experience with the tools and processes your team uses every day. We know how best in class companies get through the maze because our experts helped them get there. That’s good news for you, because our assessment will create an engineering transformation for your business.  Just take our recommendations and get started.

Course Correct

Don’t worry. We won’t just hand you a GPS and bid you adieu. We travel the labyrinth with you, providing a suite of services to address the opportunities uncovered during your audit:

  • Training to fill skill gaps
  • Product data management solutions to enhance your workflow
  • Technology optimization and upgrades that give you a competitive advantage
  • …and so much more

DesignPoint’s assessment creates a road map for increased productivity and efficiencies that will turn that maze into a wide-open road full of possibilities for your business. Want to learn more? Check out our webinar. Better still, fill out the contact us at the bottom of this page to speak with someone within 24 hours!

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