Balance Your Workflow with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Balance Workflow with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Confession Alert: I have been feeling way out of balance lately. My schedule is full, yet constantly shifting. I’m working on multiple projects with multiple deadlines across multiple departments. And I can feel my blood pressure rising as I try to be the Master Multitasker that clearly I am not. With so many balls in the air, I need a system to make sure that none of them drop. Enter SOLIDWORKS Manage.

Next Level Project Management

SOLIDWORKS Manage is the ultimate project management tool for engineering and manufacturing businesses. We already know and love that SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management creates structure for a project by implementing easy collaboration for improved workflow. But SOLIDWORKS Manage? Well, that’s PDM on steroids. Manage offers the power of SOLIDWORKS PDM with unparalleled project management abilities. It allows teams to manage, share and collaborate on project timelines and tasks, complex business processes, and advanced record and bills of materials management.

A Dash(board) of Clarity

Think about how much time you spend trying to get a basic update on a team project. Let me guess – you had to 1) email the whole team asking for their status and then wait for their replies; 2) create a spreadsheet to track their individual contributions; and 3) build a PowerPoint deck to showcase the team’s progress to Management. Meanwhile the project is on hold while everyone stops to provide their reports. Sound efficient? NOPE.

Now imagine having a dashboard that instantly shows ALL of the open projects that EVERYONE in your company is working on in ONE easy to understand location. That’s Manage. Its dashboard functionality provides gant charts, graphs, timelines, and even timesheets that provide a clear visual representation of who is doing what and when. No more wasting time compiling the separate details across multiple platforms. Manage does it all for you.

An Engineering Tool that Every Department Will Love

More than just a design tool, Manage brings structure and balance to your operations, marketing and sales teams, too. Project managers can review their entire team’s workload in one easy glance to know who is ready for their next assignment. Back office business processes are streamlined with auto generated documents and spreadsheets. And project hand-offs to Sales are a breeze when you instantly generate a Bill of Materials and export it to Excel. With all of this information at everyone’s fingertips, Manage helps your entire crew stay on track.

Just imagine how efficient and structured all of your projects could be when your entire team has the ultimate project management tool on its side. My blood pressure is already returning to normal just thinking about the possibilities, is yours?

Achieve the balance you need with SOLIDWORKS Manage today.