Batch Printing from EPDM

Recently I’ve had some questions come up about what the options are for printing out of Enterprise PDM. Specifically, whether you can batch print or automate printing tasks. You have some choices depending on what you’re trying to accomplish and how automated you want the process to be. Let’s take a look at a few options.

1. Print from the Viewer
You may just be viewing SolidWorks drawings but not have SolidWorks installed on your machine. Or maybe you have SolidWorks but don’t want to spend the time to open the drawing in order to print it. No problem, you can print straight from the preview tab from the Right click menu. EPDM uses a number of different applications for previewing and viewing different file types. eDrawings viewer will be used for drawing files, whether they’re AutoCad, SolidWorks, or other 3D CAD drawings.

2. Print Multiple Drawings with a Single Click
The Print Task in EPDM can be launched manually or automated. Either way, you first set it up in the Admin Tool where you can customize settings. The setup process is fully documented in the Administration Guide.pdf located in (install directory)Program FilesSolidWorks Enterprise PDMLangGB. Here’s an example of the level of customization you have to work with – you can select the printer to be used based on the paper size.


Some other customizable settings include how the margins are set up, whether referenced files are printed, who has permission, etc. You can either define all of it up front or give users the ability to choose certain settings when they print a document. Once the setup is done you can right click on a document to print it, or you can select multiple drawings to be printed with a single click!

3. Automate Printing Based on Workflow
If you need to print drawings every time they are updated and approved you can use the Print Task in your existing EPDM Workflow. Identify which Workflow Transition should trigger it, and add the Print Task to the Actions tab.


You never knew printing could be so exciting now did you? Hope you found this helpful. Check out more EPDM blogs at