“Be In The Know” with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

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Have you ever wanted to follow the activity of project files more closely? Data management tools can definitely help. Most offer the ability to simply look at the state of a file or check their history. But what if you want to take a preemptive approach? EPDM user-defined notifications allow you to monitor changes to files and folders within a vault. So if you want to know when a file will be checked out, you can do that. If you want to know when a file will be “Released for Manufacturing”, you can do that. There are many options to choose from, giving users plenty of flexibility. For basic user-defined notifications, you can right mouse click on a file and choose one of the predefined options (e.g.: Notify > Me when checked out). Right mouse clicking on the file again will display the pop-up menu with a check mark next to the active notification setting.

User-defined notifications can be managed with the Notification Editor (To access, go to EPDM File List Menu > Tools > Notify > Me When…). This environment also can make adding multiple notifications simpler.
Of course, there are still configuration specific notifications that are set up in workflows. Your EPDM admin can set these up for Transitions and States.
So the next time you want to keep track of project data, consider using EPDM user-defined Notifications.
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