Big Design Challenge – Sustainability

Sustain_image 2.pngOne of my favorite aspects of my job is the ability to speak and visit with hundreds of customers every year. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet with some of the best and brightest minds in business. Every business has challenges and goals for improvement. Design it faster, manufacture it without numerous change orders, and keep sustainability as goal.

Recently, I was speaking with one of our customers in the hardware design and manufacturing business and the topic of sustainability came up. No surprise here, we all want to make this planet a safe and lasting place to live and work. Any company not concerned about sustainability in design and manufacturing is not going to be successful with both the customer and Government requirements we are facing.

The problem is simple in concept but challenging to address. You must keep the manufacturing cost low, so you can win the business, make it durable, and keep the planet safe. Sounds easy enough, right?

Our customer has figured it out and uses the best 3D software package available. They now select materials that are strong, durable, cost effective, and green.

As always let’s continue to push the limits of our design, win more business, and keep our environment safe for generations to come.