The BigRep PRO Virtual Demo is Here

BigRep unveiled some BIG news last November at Formnext 2018 – one of them is the BigRep PRO. This impressive 3D Printer does not disappoint when it comes to delivering large format prints with industrial grade materials. We’ve finally got our hands on a virtual demo of the unit and you have access to it!

What's so special about this printer?

We’re glad you asked.  The list is actually a long one. This is in part because BigRep has already set the groundwork for a phenomenal line of printers. They are open sourced for materials, large-format, and extremely resilient. This particular unit though, has some highly sophisticated differentiators.

  • The Build Platform
    • You can achieve a build size of one cubic meter (nope, that wasn’t a typo).
  • The Enclosed Frame
    • Beautiful, clean, and insulated — these are just a few words to describe the modern frame. The glass allows for perfect visibility to your print whereas the physical enclosure shields your print securely while allowing for better temperature control.
  • The MXT
    • Metering Extruder Technology (MXT) was developed by BigRep to bring you the speed (up to 5 times faster) and precision necessary to get your big projects completed. Besides being fantastic for repeatability, it also gives you ultimate control over material expulsion.
  • The CNC System
    • Bosch Rexroth Technology, commonly used in the automotive industry, is a modern motion control system. Our favorite thing about it? The hyper connectivity that feeds you a data-filled report so you have even more power over the process and feedback on your optimized prints

Tell me more...

Why tell you when we can just show you? There is a demo form below so you can see how powerful this unit is. In the meantime, check out the BigRep PRO Fact Sheet to get some more details and specs.

big rep pro

We’re thrilled to be able to showcase the BigRep PRO.  If you’re starting to think BIG and are ready to explore the possibilities…request your demo today!


Fill out the form to your right and we’ll set you up!

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