Breakdown the Bottlenecks with DriveWorks

Remove Bottlenecks, Ease Collaboration and Expand Bandwidth with DriveWorks Configurator

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Today’s market is intense. Everyone is scrambling to get their products to market despite a supply chain and workflow that are in complete upheaval. Add in the complexity of mass customization, and your business may be faced with serious bottlenecks. To stay competitive, there is simply no time–for downtime. So how do you get more out of your efforts when your resources are dwindling? Enter DriveWorks. DriveWorks removes bottlenecks, eases collaboration, and expands bandwidth. Here’s how.

Customization on Auto Pilot

Changing a component in a customer’s order shouldn’t shut down your production while you manually reconfigure the design. Automate changes with DriveWorks, a configurator program that fits seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS. It’s the ultimate mass customization tool, allowing you to generate more custom orders so that you can win more business. DriveWorks automates even the most complex, customized processes, so your customers can get their products exactly the way they want without a second of slowdown behind the scenes.

Collaborate with Ease

The design team isn’t the only department that will get more bang for their buck with DriveWorks. Its integrated system allows for easy collaboration across all your business systems. Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Production, and even Distribution, can all seamlessly collaborate to get your product out the door. Even customers benefit from DriveWorks! Automating your configurations can be used as a sales enablement tool, so your customer can see, change, and truly personalize what they want early in the process. DriveWorks truly automates every step of the way, reducing time and getting customized goods into your customers’ hands faster. From design to final product and everything in between, DriveWorks ensures that everyone is, automatically, on the same page.

Less Work, More Bandwidth

From the shop floor to your customers, DriveWorks makes customization easy for everyone. Its ease of collaboration and efficient automation process removes the challenges that come with mass customization. With these bottlenecks out of the way, you’ll have the bandwidth to move your enterprise forward. And that is a far better option than focusing on the logjam that caused your dreaded downtime in the first place. Just think what More is Possible® when you get extra time back!


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