Bring Home an Olympic Gold With SOLIDWORKS PDM

Who isn’t excited about the Olympics? It’s such an amazing event filled with extraordinary talent. Have you ever thought about how it all comes together behind the scenes? Think about what it takes to collect, record, and validate the results and records for each event. It’s quite an undertaking.

It’s never been easier to manage these tasks using SOLIDWORKS PDM.

The qualifying results are in for the Men’s 200m Butterfly event.’We’ve created an Excel sheet showing everyone’s time:

Excel Sheet

Now it’s time to send this file off to the Olympic officials for review.

Easily check files into the vault for fast access.’

Checking file into vault with SOLIDWORKS PDM

There’s nothing too Olympic about that. What’s the difference between doing that, and just dropping it onto a network location?

  • We will easily be able to keep track of all the different versions of the file as we update it
  • We can easily access the file
  • We can control who has access to the file

SOLIDWORKS PDM allows us to specify users who can edit the file, and users who can view the file. Our files are so secure in that vault, we don’t ever need to worry about an early leak to the press!

Next, we need to get all the right approvals before we can release any official records to the public. SOLIDWORKS PDM allows us to build up our approval process using a feature called Workflow. As we push our files through our custom workflow, all of the appropriate managers and personnel responsible for approving these files are automatically notified along the way.

Workflow makes the approval process a breeze.’

Pictured above, we see the “State” column specifies our file is in the ‘Qualifying’ state.

Let’s take a look at our workflow which outlines our approval process:


The world is waiting on the officials to check the results so they can pick the semifinalists. We will quickly transition the file to the ‘Qualifying Results Check’ state using the ‘Submit Qualifying results for check’ transition.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Submit results for check

Break communication barriers with automatic notifications.

How do we notify the officials that the results are in? Lucky for us, our transition was setup to automatically send a notification to the correct officials.

SOLIDWORKS PDM notification

The officials can now review the results, and announce those who have qualified for the Semifinals!’


From this point on, the process repeats itself as we work our way through our workflow. This same type of process can easily be applied to your company’s non-SOLIDWORKS files as well. Every company has a host of documents which certain people need to access, update, and approve. Whether you’re working with phone lists, travel policies, Scopes of Works, I/O lists, or engineering change orders – SOLIDWORKS PDM is a great tool to efficiently manage these documents.

Olympic Bonus: Files references aren’t just for SOLIDWORKS files. We can easily create references between other documents in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Let’s say we have a photo from the Men’s 200m Butterfly event.’

Olympic Butterfly 200m

We can take that photo and paste it as a reference to the results document. Now when officials go to review the results, they will see the picture associated with it as well.

SOLIDWORKS PDM photo reference to results doc