Communicating with SolidWorks Part Reviewer

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If you’re currently using SolidWorks 2012 and went to turn on an add-in, you may have noticed a new item on the list called SolidWorks Part Reviewer. This is a new tool introduced in 2012 that can be used to review a part feature-by-feature with Play, Forward and Back controls in the SolidWorks TaskPane. These controls will move the rollback bar through the feature list allowing a user to watch the part being created feature by feature.

To turn on the SolidWorks Part Reviewer, go to Tools>Add-ins and check on the box next to SolidWorks Part Reviewer. A new tab in the SolidWorks TaskPane will appear for the SolidWorks Part Reviewer controls.



The SolidWorks Part Reviewer can be used as a communication tool with other SolidWorks users. By adding in comments to the features, you can communicate the part’s design intent, provide instructions for a part’s feature, indicate an area requiring a change, etc. The comments for each feature will appear in the taskpane as the part is being reviewed.


Adding a comment to a feature

  1. Right mouse click on the feature from the SolidWorks FeatureManager tree.
  2. Mouse over the “Comment” menu item and choose “Add Comment”
  3. The comment dialog will open where you can enter the text for your comment. There is an option to add in a Date/Timestamp to mark the time and user entering the comment.
  4. Click on Save/Close
  5. When you mouse over the feature, you will see a callout with the text of the comment entered.


There is a large library of examples posted in the SolidWorks Featured Content blogs in the SolidWorks Customer Forums (SolidWorks Part Reviewer Examples). Click on the following link for more infomation and to provide feedback on the new tool: SolidWorks Part Reviewer.

With each new release of SolidWorks, new tools such as the SolidWorks Part Reviewer are added. If you’re currently on active subscription service, you can check out the new features coming to SolidWorks 2013 by participating in the SolidWorks Beta 2013 Program. Be a part of making SolidWorks even better. ?

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