Control Multiple EPDM Data Cards From a Spreadsheet

Recently I worked on a project for a client to create a custom item management system in the file explorer environment of EPDM. One of the more interesting functions that came out of the project was the ability to have an excel document control item properties of several item documents in EPDM.

For example, lets say your manager / document admins need to regularly update the properties ItemNumberDMR, DrawingNumber, and PackagingNumber, for multiple items. The task addin that I created would allow you to from a single Excel file such as this:

Clip _image EPDMData Cards

The task addin can be run on any chosen transition and when the item transitions to the new state it automatically checks the excel file for updated properties. Modifications are made as necessary without making the user any the wiser.

This system allows document admins / managers to control multiple documents at one time without the hassle of having to navigate to each file individually.

The EPDM API is just as powerful, if not more so, than SolidWorks API. If you are looking to truly streamline document management, you can’t let this strong tool go to waste.