“Cool Stuff” – Janine Essex from Bosch

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Those of you who know me well, know that it’s the “cool stuff” that I run into every day, that makes me love this business. Whether it’s a “cool” product, piece of equipment, manufacturing process or someone’s personal hobby’this is the “emotional paycheck” that I get from my career in software sales.

Back in February, I had the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a meal with Janine Essex from Bosch. Janine is a long-time client of SolidWorks and good friend to many within the SolidWorks community. Bosch is a HUGE, global company, who is into everything from power tools and appliances to machinery and automotive (and literally, everything in between).

As “cool” as the Bosch story is, it was Janine’s stories about scuba diving that really grabbed my attention. Janine began diving while in the military and today, dives for fun and adventure. Hailing from South Carolina, Janine does quite a bit of diving in the Charleston, SC area where she catches lobster and spearfishes for grouper and other edible fish’very cool! One of Janine’s favorite places though is Jupiter, FL. While in Jupiter, Janine assists one of her diving buddies who is a dive instructor. The Jupiter area is teaming with sea life such as Rays, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Gag Grouper, Moray Eels, Spotted Eels, Puffers, Parrot Fish, a variety of tropical fish and Leatherback Turtles.

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For reference, the grouper on the floor of the boat there is 36 inches long’look how big those lobsters are!! Yummy! Janine also enjoys fishing like I do. Someday soon, I hope to make it down to Charleston to go fishing with her. Janine, thank you for sharing your stories and photos’.and for your business!

If anyone else has a cool hobby or story to tell, please let me know’I love this stuff!

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