Certification Series – (CSWP) Part 1. SolidWORKs It Like A Pro

Certification Series: CSWP - Segment 1

The moment has come. SOLIDWORKS is the best CAD system on the market and you’re ready to capitalize on its massive capabilities. To do that, you need to Work it Like a Pro – A Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional, that is.

Tests of any kind can be intimidating, especially one that can raise your business, and your career, to new heights like the CSWP exam. That’s why DesignPoint is here to give you a sneak peek at what to expect.

Follow along with me, Abigal Barnhart, as I provide you with some helpful hints to help you navigate this exam.


Overview of the Exam

The CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) consists of three segments: modeling, configurations, and assemblies.  Each certification is taken by using the SOLIDWORKS VirtualTester Certification Center.  Refer to the Exam Guide & Practice Test  to see how to set it up.  The testing environment runs as a standalone application alongside SOLIDWORKS and is a simple interface: the problem statement, a back button, a forward button, a button displaying the status of all questions (answered/unanswered), and a timer.

  • Time: 70 minutes
  • Minimum of 75 points out of 105 points are required to pass.
  • Content: This segment focuses on creating parts from scratch based on drawings and using global variables and equations to quickly make changes to the model.

Experience Preparing and Taking the Exam

Each segment of the CSWP can be taken in any order.  I decided to go in numerical order, and I’m glad I did.  Since the content of segment 1 was straight forward, it allowed me to get a feel for the testing environment.

I first started prepping for the segment 1 exam by accessing the Exam Guide & Practice Test.

This document walks you through how to get started taking the real exam.  It also goes into detail about each of the three CSWP segments, but the sample questions focus on segment 1.  I tried answering the questions on my own at first, then checked my results with the answer key provided.  If you get the wrong answer, do not fear!  You can make great use out of your MySOLIDWORKS account which is available to all users who have a current subscription. MySOLIDWORKS has videos and tutorials that will guide you as you prepare for the exam.

Login to your MySOLIDWORKS account using your email.  The training tab is where you can view all the lessons.  Within here, you can add the certifications filter and view plenty of walk through tutorials that are super helpful for any SOLIDWORKS certification exam.  I found the videos for segment 1 and followed along.  The videos matched up with the sample questions on the document and showed me how to get the correct answers.

solidworks training course

Learning Goals and Tips

  • Two is Better Than One
    • It is helpful to have two monitors during the exam: one to display the test, and the other to work on SOLIDWORKS.  Avoid toggling between multiple screens and save yourself some valuable time.
  • Watch the Clips!
    • Attempt the practice exam on your own, then watch all the associated video clips within your MySOLIDWORKS account (even if you get all the right answers on your first try).  You may learn an extra thing or two by watching the videos since models can often be built in different ways.
  • Verify Your Variables
    • Practice using global variables and equations; this will be a big-time saver during the exam. The exam questions usually focus on changing variables or adding features, so efficiency is key!
  • Master the Materials
    • One final hint: always pay attention to the material they want you to assign to the part since this will largely impact your results.  You will use the mass properties feature in SOLIDWORKS to answer all your questions (found within tools, then evaluate).

There you have it – everything you need in order to SOLIDWORKS It Like a Pro during the first segment of exam.  Still feeling nervous about the test?  Give us a call anytime, we are here to help.  We can’t wait to see the letters “CSWP” show up behind your name!