Customizing SolidWorks Composer Keyboard Shortcuts

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Similar to many CAD and editing tools, Composer allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts to make it quicker to execute common commands. As you work with Composer and become proficient, assigning keyboard shortcuts will help you work more quickly. Here are the steps to assign your keyboard shortcuts in SolidWorks Composer:

  1. Click anywhere in the blank space of the main toolbar at the top and select “Customize Quick Access Toolbar'”1
  2. At the bottom of the window, select the “Customize” button for Keyboard Shortcuts.2
  3. The commands are grouped into categories to make them easier to locate. Choose a category and select a command. You can use the down arrow to toggle through them more quickly. Notice in the “Current Keys” box, some of them already have default keyboard shortcuts assigned to them and others are blank.3
  4. To assign a new keyboard shortcut key select any command and click into the “Press new shortcut key” box. Now select the key (or combination of keys) you want to assign to that command and click “Assign”.4

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