Delayed Serial Number Generation in EPDM

Companies often times use the serial number generator inside of EPDM to sequentially name the files they add to their vault. EPDM does a great job of automatically generating the number as soon as the file is added to the Vault. However, what if you add files to the vault that are prototypes, or test designs and would not like to assign a number to them?

Some companies can live with “burning” or wasting some numbers in the sequence on files they will not use, but this solution is a bit sloppy. A more optimal solution would be to assign serial numbers once a file crosses a certain Transition/State.

Inside of EPDM there is no such functionality, but again, using EPDM API you can create a custom Add-in or Task Add-in to accomplish this goal. The IEdmSerNoGen7 object can be used to connect to any already created Serial Number Generator and pull the next number in line using the GenerateSerNo method. There is even an option to push the generator back to the previous number in case the number does not get used.

Once you have the basics down of using the IEdmSerNoGen7 object there are hundreds of different ways you create your Add-in to be used in your workflow. The only thing to remember is that if you create a Task you must check the file out to apply the serial number.

If you have any questions please ask them in the comments section.