DesignPoint and BigRep Announce 3D Printing Partnership

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CLARK, N.J. | February 06, 2019

DesignPoint is proud to announce their partnership with BigRep, a German tech start-up making waves with their Large-Scale 3D printers.  With one of the largest FDM 3D printers on the market, BigRep believes “it’s time to change how we produce things.” Striving to make the world of manufacturing more individual, creative, and affordable, BigRep is penetrating all industries from automotive and robotics to furniture and the arts.

DesignPoint continuously pushes the envelope with the products and services they offer their clients. Every client has unique business goals and in order to support those goals, strategic partnerships like this one are critical. DesignPoint needs to be inclusive of varying needs, applications, and industries. This partnership with BigRep, will allow for more businesses to take advantage of the additive manufacturing space, specifically those who need to print end use parts on a larger scale.

Fran Lairdieson, President of DesignPoint stated, “Our customers know DesignPoint for Great Products, Fanatical Service and Trusted Partnerships. All manufacturers can benefit from BigRep’s large scale printers and advanced materials – it’s a game changer. We are excited to bring that into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.”

About BigRep:

BigRep creates Large-Scale 3D printers designed for professionals who are seeking high-performance 3D Printing systems that produce full-scale products. BigRep’s partners are some of the leading industrial players in automotive, machining, aerospace and industrial manufacturing. They have over 100 employees in more than 26 countries.

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About DesignPoint:

DesignPoint is passionate about building solutions that help product design, engineering, and manufacturing companies maximize their potential. We provide SOLIDWORKS® 3D design products, 3D Systems® and MarkForged® 3D printers, training, support, and consulting services needed to streamline product development.

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