The Difference Between Markforged’s Desktop and Industrial Lines

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Remember when we first introduced you to the complete Markforged Industrial Line? It was a game changer for the way we do business and the way our clients managed their shop floors.

Markforged Industrial Series 3D Printers Lineup Image

However, to this day, we still get a multitude of clients that ask…

"Yeah, the Industrial Series looks awesome,but what's the difference between the Desktop line versus the Industrial one, anyway?"

3D Design Product

Naturally, we want to go into a conversation that compares a Sedan to an SUV. However, we realize that instead of telling you, we should show you.

So, we reached out to one of our very own, Andrew Garchik. Andrew has been here at DesignPoint for a little while, and he is our Markforged Application Engineer. In his role, he does a lot of technical sales, engineering, installs, and overall education. When he isn’t doing a client installation, he spends most of his days at our DP Metal Facility (umm, yeah, you should check that out as soon as you can) taking care of our 3D Printers, providing demos, and of course curating parts for our clients.

He wouldn’t be one of our best if he didn’t deliver…and that’s exactly what he did when asked to explain the difference between Desktop and Industrial.

Check out the videos below where Andrew gives us some quick selfie videos and shows us exactly what these differences are.

Meet Andrew!

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