Differences of Standard and Professional SOLIDWORKS CAD

Standard or Professional? Which SOLIDWORKS 3D design product is best for you?

Every year, SOLIDWORKS makes changes and additions to its products. With each upgrade, SOLIDWORKS 3D design products make the lives of engineers and designers easier. The three products – Standard, Professional, and Premium, are bursting with features. But which product will best suit your requirements? Would you be better off sticking to the Standard product or upgrading to a Professional package? Here we will look at the differences between Standard and Professional SOLIDWORKS CAD. But first, let’s start at the very beginning – what’s the hype around SOLIDWORKS? Why is it considered one of the best tools available today?


SOLIDWORKS is a solid modeler and computer-aided design (CAD) computer program (it runs on Microsoft Windows), created and published by Dassault Systèmes – a French software corporation. Dassault Systèmes is one of the largest software companies (listed in Fortune 50) and develops 3D product simulation, design, manufacturing, and more.

Founded in 1993, SOLIDWORKS Corporation has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, the company is a trusted industry standard. Millions of engineers and designers use its products to conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage, and transform their innovative ideas into fantastic product designs.

SOLIDWORKS 3D design products include SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Premium. The difference between the three products is how they can help your business.

Here we will look at the difference between SOLIDWORKS Standard and SOLIDWORKS Professional 3D CAD software.


SOLIDWORKS Standard is a 3D design product that delivers excellent performance and 3D design capabilities. The easy-to-use software helps create detailed parts and assemblies and production-level drawings. If you want to create complex surfaces, structural welded assemblies, or metal flat patterns, the software allows you to do this.

Standard features include:

  • 3D solid modeling: Accelerate your designs, create lifelike visualizations, and conduct virtual testing before going to the manufacturing stage.
  • Large assembly design: Simplify large assembly designs so you can visualize and create complex structures that contain several thousands of parts.
  • 3D animations and basic rendering: Create powerful images and animations quickly and efficiently to communicate your design’s functionality and intent.
  • Interference check: Ensure all the various parts fit, assemble, and operate as they must.
  • 2D drawings: Create 2D drawings ready for production to communicate how the design is to be manufactured and assembled.
  • Sheet metal design: Create a wide variety of sheet metal part designs.
  • Weldments: Create designs with extrusions. Generate lists/bills of materials required to streamline your design and manufacture welded frames and bases.
  • Mold design: Simplify mold designing. Update various files automatically so you can make the necessary changes up to the final manufacturing stage.
  • CAD import and export: Convert CAD data in a format that meets your design’s requirements.

SOLIDWORKS Professional

SOLIDWORKS Professional is a 3D design product that is everything SOLIDWORKS Standard is, and much, much more. The Professional is designed to speed up the design process, increase and speed up productivity, and save time with various tools. As well as including all the features of SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional has the following features:

  • File management
  • MCAD/ECAD data sharing
  • Standards checking
  • Design collaboration
  • Task scheduling
  • CAD library
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Advanced photorealistic rendering
  • Reverse engineering
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Automated cost estimation

SOLIDWORKS Professional’s integrated suite of tools helps you get your job done much faster when you want to take your product development capabilities to the next level. You can:

  • Save time by fixing issues, avoiding redesigns, and reducing mistakes.
  • Have more control over the design process.
  • Automatically estimate manufacturing costs.
  • Convert imported geometry.
  • Search for design errors.
  • Securely store all your project information.
  • Track all design changes.
  • Bring your products to life with integrated visualization.

Which SOLIDWORKS 3D design product is best for you?

When you want to get up to speed quickly, the SOLIDWORKS Standard 3D design product is your best bet. The Standard has all the core capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS software and is designed for the casual user who, at the most, requires core drawing and part assembly capabilities.

SOLIDWORKS Professional has several upgraded features for improved accuracy and efficiency. It is designed for everyday users who want to increase productivity, get through their work faster and more efficiently while simultaneously saving time.

  • For multi-employee companies, SOLIDWORKS Professional’s tools can realistically meet theirs and the company’s requirements.
  • To meet challenges beyond engineering and design. For example, when you need to enhance your marketing/sales pitch, SOLIDWORKS Visualize and eDrawings Professional (included in SOLIDWORKS Professional) can help you create truly real and fantastic photo-renderings of your products.
  • When you need to decrease time to market.
  • If you need a better way to manage data flow.
  • To better communicate your design ideas to stakeholders.
  • Show customers and stakeholders your designs on their devices – even if they don’t have SOLIDWORKS.

Every organization needs software capabilities that allow it to grow today and also tomorrow. So, it is important to choose the best SOLIDWORKS 3D design product that fits your needs. If you are familiar with SOLIDWORKS software and want to increase your workflow and output, you can benefit from the Professional version. However, if you are a casual user who does not use SOLIDWORKS daily or is not familiar with the software, SOLIDWORKS Standard will be ideal for you.

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