What’s New in DriveWorks 18

DriveWorks World rolls out what’s new in the latest software release of DriveWorks each year. There are trainings where you can obtain your CDWP (Certified DriveWorks Professional). Breakout sessions also allow you to do a deeper dive into the software, and sometimes even offering hands on experiences. The conference this year was to be hosted in Manchester, UK, but due to the global pandemic, plans were forced to shift. DriveWorks, being the amazing company that they are, didn’t let this phase them! They decided to move along with the conference full force, but to keep up with the changes in the world they decided to host it virtually! There was a huge bonus to this – the conference was free to anyone with subscription, AND you could attend from the comfort of your own couch, in your pajamas.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend yet this year, we wanted to give you a peak at some of our favorite enhancements so far in DriveWorks 18. In addition, if you are a customer on a DriveWorks subscription and you’d like to view the advanced topics, you can access the Technical Sessions with your DriveWorks Community account! We highly recommend taking advantage of this. It’s out of the ordinary that all customers would have free access to this, and now is a better time than ever to consider professional development. Hopefully some of these tips are helpful as you begin creating your own DriveWorks implementations.

1. Special Variable Organization

Previously, special variables were shown in the rule builder with no specific order. DriveWorks has now organized Special Variables in alphabetical order, making it even easier to find the variable you’re looking for.

Special Variables list ordered alphabetically in the rule builder

2. Character Limit in Tables

Tables have now been updated to have a 245-character limit! This is a significant upgrade from the previous limit of 64-characters. Almost 4 times as long! This enhancement will allow for cleaner transfer Special Variables list ordered alphabetically in the rule builder of data from tables to custom properties, drawing notes, emails, etc.

Example of a table using more than the previous 64 character limit

3. Tree View in DriveWorks Today

One of my favorite User Interface updates is that DriveWorks Today can now be switched from List View to Tree View! This now gives users the ability to view projects in a more organized fashion by organizing all projects with their corresponding groups.

DriveWorks Today showing the new Tree View

4. Editing Variables from Drill Down

You can now edit your variables directly from the Drill Down Menu! Simply right click and select ‘Edit Variable.’ This allows the user to quickly make edits to their variables across the entire project while understanding how the rule will output on the fly.

Rule builder’s Drill Down menu showing how to directly edit a variable

5. Specification Flow Templates

Specification Flows determine how your project is going to function. It can sometimes be intimidating to customize your own Specification Flows depending on how complex you need them to be, or if you need to incorporate functionality with Autopilot, etc. In DriveWorks 18, there have been 4 new Specification Flow templates added, as shown in the image below, that can assist you in creating a project that flows seamlessly into each step. Instead of creating a new Specification Flow from scratch, it may make more sense to use one of the already provided templates & customize as needed. Thankfully, DriveWorks gives a good overview directly in the software as you click on each template of what they’re used for and how they function. You can also read more about what each template is used for here.

New Specification Flow Templates

6. Enhanced PDM Support

There are even some awesome updates to the PDM Plugin! Some of these include:

  • Add Check In Comments
  • Ability to check in/out DriveWorks Projects and Groups directly from the Administrator application
  • Ability to retrieve data card properties from files
  • Ability to populate data cards for folders
  • Search a vault based on search criteria

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