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Over the past few months, I have been diving into DriveWorks through training, technical support, certifications and, most recently, implementing DriveWorks for one of our long-term customers at DesignPoint. There is always something new to learn with DriveWorks, and their certifications are a great way to develop your skills. I have completed all three certifications this blog post will cover, so let’s take a deeper dive.

The Certifications

There are three DriveWorks certifications, ranging across all three DriveWorks products. Start with DriveWorks Xpress to demonstrate your understanding of entry-level design automation, and take that knowledge further with DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro. The DriveWorks Xpress and Solo certifications are open to everyone; you can learn and get certified online, anytime. The DriveWorks Pro certification is available through resellers, like DesignPoint, and those customers who attend DriveWorks World, hosted annually.

DriveWorks Xpress

The DriveWorks Xpress Certified Associate is the first level of DriveWorks Certification. The DriveWorks Xpress training and certification is a free certification for all design professionals who have access to SOLIDWORKS. DriveWorks Xpress is provided complimentary with every SOLIDWORKS seat. Improve your SOLIDWORKS skills and design automation knowledge by following the online training and take the certification to become a Certified DriveWorks Xpress Associate (CDWXA) in just three steps over the course of three hours.

Capturing dimensions in DriveWorks Xpress

DriveWorks Solo

The DriveWorks Solo certification allows you to take your design automation knowledge to the next level. This certification is a fantastic way to get the best start with your design automation projects and is available to anyone with a DriveWorks Solo license, including the 30-day free trial. You can get certified online for free in just three hours. DriveWorks Solo introduces a more robust and customizable form designer, enhanced automation for drawings and models, and the ability to create documentation.

DriveWorks Solo Form Designer

DriveWorks Pro

The DriveWorks Pro certification is the highest level of certification available and is the best way to demonstrate a thorough proficiency of DriveWorks. It is advisable to have completed the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) exam and have been using DriveWorks regularly for several weeks. Additionally, working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, programming language experience, and completion of the DriveWorks Solo certification is a plus.

Modules available through DriveWorks Pro

DriveWorks Pro Administrator Training is a class offered by DriveWorks Value Added Resellers, like DesignPoint, using training materials created by the DriveWorks technical team. DriveWorks Pro customers with an active subscription support contract can also complete the training at DriveWorks World. Completing the DriveWorks Pro Administrator Training will grant you access to the DriveWorks Pro certification (CDWP), which will be technically reviewed by a DriveWorks team member before being awarded.

Tips & Tricks Resources

I have included some helpful links to get you familiar with the DriveWorks online resource library. These were most recently shared with me at DriveWorks World 2020.

We are always improving ourselves here at DesignPoint where More is Possible® through career development tailored to our passions as Application Engineers. I look forward to sharing more about DriveWorks in future blog posts!

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