DriveWorks vs. Design Tables

Form Design – Making design table data look good!

SOLIDWORKS design tables boost your productivity by allowing you to build multiple configurations of parts or assemblies by specifying parameters in an embedded Microsoft Excel worksheet. You might be thinking, why do I need DriveWorks if I am already saving time in SOLIDWORKS by using design tables? DriveWorks can help automate repetitive tasks, re-use existing designs, and generate new parts and assemblies quickly and easily, and even more reasons for choosing DriveWorks over design tables! Here are a couple of our favorite features of DriveWorks.


DriveWorks rules determine which calculation or value is required to drive a certain action. Rules and calculations that affect multiple parts and assemblies can be easily linked together in the DriveWorks rule editor. Many of the rules and syntax used in DriveWorks is a carbon copy of corresponding rules and syntax you can find in Microsoft Excel. DriveWorks uses a lot of the same math and logic functions, such as IF statements and VLOOKUP, making the transition to using DriveWorks a breeze.


DriveWorks creates new files for every project. As a result, this keeps file size to a minimum. Instead of storing a lot of data within one file and dealing with degrading performance, DriveWorks keeps your master models to a respectable size.


You can use the DriveWorks interface to control your assemblies, sub-assemblies, and parts without having to worry about opening each file to update its respective design table. As a result, you save time by only dealing with one interface instead of you having to remembering the contents of each unique design table in your project.


DriveWorks can allow your colleagues or clients that are using SOLIDWORKS to create assemblies, parts, and drawings by filling out a customized form you create that contains all the changing variables in your project. Those individuals do not need to know how you set up your project, or which models to open and modify to implement the changes they want to make.

Users fill out a form to generate the desired results

DriveWorks was originally developed to supplement design tables with the SOLIDWORKS API, and it has continued to evolve from there! The best part about this is that if you are already a SOLIDWORKS user, then you already have access to DriveWorks Xpress so you can begin to see for yourself how DriveWorks can save you time and energy!

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