DriveWorksXpress – Automate Your Assemblies

Automate Your Assemblies with DriveWorksXpress

When you’re looking to create innovative assembly designs while also saving a bit of time, DriveWorksXpress is the way to go.

It’s true; faster isn’t always better. This is often predominantly true when it comes to creating and configuring complex assemblies. But in this case, saving time is simply a welcome side effect of the design automation that comes inherent with DriveWorksXpress.

The industry-leading DriveWorks software integrates seamlessly, so generating custom parts and assemblies inside SOLIDWORKS becomes quick and easy. More details on how this revolutionary combination will upgrade and streamline the process for you in a bit.

Whether or not you are already an avid user of SOLIDWORKS, you’ll want to read on to find out how the DriveWorksXpress feature can help you automate the design process and save tons of time.

What Can DriveWorksXpress Do for You?

Simply put, DriveWorks is a leading design automation software. Without a doubt, it is one of the most helpful software innovations in recent years.

Main Benefits of DriveWorksXpress

DriveWorksXpress is a genius solution that helps designers create, automate, and configure custom parts and assemblies easily inside the SOLIDWORKS CAD suite. This saves significant time, effort, and money. It also allows for better, more innovative, and more cost-effective designs and end products in the long run.

Use the incredibly helpful DriveWorks feature to:

  • Record and reuse design knowledge
  • Minimize errors and costly mistakes
  • Create an input form that will automate designs easily by entering key parameters
  • Automate repetitive design tasks
  • Drive geometry and assemblies within SOLIDWORKS
  • Save time and free-up highly skilled staff for more strategic work
  • Reduce costs and improve margins

The list goes on! The benefits are numerous and can go much deeper. However, the above list includes the major direct advantages achieved merely by using DriveWorksXpress.

SOLIDWORKS & DriveWorks: A Solid Pairing

It’s no secret that SOLIDWORKS is one of the world’s leading 3D CAD software suites. The functionality is nearly unmatched. It is no wonder that it has over 6 million users worldwide!

However, without the DriveWorks integration, users might get a little tired of having to recreate the wheel each time they want to make a variation of a drawing, part, or assembly. Luckily, the entry-level automation of DriveWorksXpress comes standard within SOLIDWORKS.

Just look for it under the Tools menu inside the SOLIDWORKS software suite. Activate your free license, and you’re on your way to creating automated assemblies! This is ideal, particularly if you create similar designs over and over with subtle variations.

Combining SOLIDWORKS’s intelligence with the automatic flow of DriveWorksXpress, it is suddenly super easy to “save the file as,” reconfigure and create variations of your assembly designs, no matter how complex. The entire process is automated in ways that streamline everything and save you massive amounts of time and effort. It removes much of the repetitive tediousness!

That’s not even to mention that this saves money and makes your designs cheaper to produce (and purchase) in the end.

How Does DriveWorks Actually Work?

DriveWorksXpress is simple to use! With only five key steps, you can run your projects and easily create innovative assemblies.

How to Use DriveWorksXpress

Inside SOLIDWORKS, you will find DriveWorksXpress in the Tools menu. Activate your free license, and you’re well on your way. Then, you can follow these five simple steps to get started with a new automated assembly:

  1. In the Capture Assembly Structure section, select the various components of the assembly structure that you want to control by checking the boxes next to each. Double-click to open each individual component and further select the features that should be changeable.
  2. In the Drawing and Configuration tab, capture the drawing of your assembly.
  3. Create an input form for your parameters.
  4. Define file names and indicate any necessary “if” statements.
  5. Run your project!

If you can believe it, it really is that easy!

DesignPoint: Your Partner in Automating 3D Assemblies with DriveWorksXpress

Over 6 million users worldwide can’t be wrong! The addition of the DriveWorksXpress feature only further enhances the impressive power of the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. Use this feature to automate your assemblies—no matter how simple or complex—for better results, significantly faster.

When you are ready to level up your next 3D design project and increase your productivity and efficiency using quality 3D software like SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks, contact us. DesignPoint is here to help you find and employ the best 3D software suite to meet your evolving business needs.

We are experts in the world of 3D design and software. We will even help you learn to leverage your new software to maximize the benefits in every way possible.

At DesignPoint, our main objective is to help you bring your assembly designs to life in truly sustainable and innovative ways.