Enterprise PDM Advanced Training and Services

Enterprise PDM LogoEnterprise PDM is known for being a great data management system for SolidWorks and Autodesk data, but it is also a great general document system. It offers significant file and lifecycle/revision management advantages over other systems. And since it is embedded inside Windows, it is easy for users to learn. Businesses have recognized these benefits and the numbers of Enterprise PDM customers are growing at a rapid pace. Because of this, we are introducing several training courses and services to help customers get the most out this highly scalable and configurable PDM system.

Training offerings include the basic EPDM Admin training delivered during implementations. A refresher course on the more advanced topics and for new Admins, we offer the standard full course. We are offering more advanced classes geared towards the EPDM Admin and IT. EPDM Admin topics are on ECO’s (change management development), Dispatch, and reports. For IT, we are offering vault backup/restore, maintenance, and vault/system performance monitoring classes.

Our other EPDM services include performance analysis, Admin on-demand, mobile access, and multi-site (replication) setup, Please checkout our brochure of new EPDM services. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.