EPDM vs. WPDM vs. No PDM

I am frequently asked the differences between Enterprise and Workgroup PDM or why do I need PDM? So I thought I would draw some comparisons with a story about my experience with a familiar technology. My old cell phone seemed to be just fine when I had it. It had basic smart phone functionality: e-mail, cell phone, and occasional picture taking capabilities. A friend of mine kept telling me that you can do so much more and be more productive with the latest touch screen smart phones with large app libraries. I really didn’t understand how. Well, I decided to make the move at some point to an Android phone and I was amazed at how much more productive I had become. I had all these note taking, file management, and other tools that would sync with my work laptop and home desktop. Granted my up front cost was a little more, but my overall benefits were signifcant and well worth it. The scalability was amazing.

I look at Enterprise PDM as the highly fuctional smartphone of PDM. It offers capabilities that you probably are not thinking about and don’t realize you how much you would benefit from. Workgroup PDM offers you some good entry level functionality, but for the difference in price, Enterprise PDM just offers so much more. I am not going to get into those details here and I am definately not going to say just trust me. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more to reach out to us and ask or attend a hands-on event.

So where does No PDM (as stated in the title) fall into this. I look at that as working with a dumb-phone (old traditional cell phone without email or other productivity tools) or no cell phone at all. In a business environment, many of us need some basic level of productivity tools to make our work more efficient. Otherwise, we are just making unnecessary compromises because we don’t know what the benefits are. In business that doesn’t make sense.

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