Our Favorite Tools and Settings for Ease of Use

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Whether you have been using SOLIDWORKS for years, or are a new user, there’s a chance you may not be familiar with some tools and settings designed for ease of use that can help enhance your SOLIDWORKS experience! Let’s dive into some of those tool tips!

Purge Unused Features

  • In parts and assemblies, you can selectively delete features and components that are suppressed in all configurations of the model. You can also selectively delete unused reference geometry and sketches that have no child references in the model. You can access this feature and change your SOLIDWORKS settings by right-clicking the part, and clicking Purge Unused Features. In the dialog box that appears, you can select items the items you wish to delete. Boom! You have a cleaner feature tree now!
Purge Unused Features

Fully Define Sketch

  • Sometimes you can spend a lot of valuable time figuring out how to fully define your sketch manually. Did you know the SOLIDWORKS application can automate that process for you? To open the fully define sketch property manager, edit a sketch and right-click on one of the lines. In the pop-up menu, select Fully Define Sketch. After selecting this SOLIDWORKS feature, you will be directed to the property manager where you can manually define what entities you would like the software to fully define, including relations and dimensions. Press Calculate to showcase the result!
Fully Define Sketch

Display Pane

  • I really like this SOLIDWORKS feature, as it comes in handy all the time. When working in assemblies, you have the option to more readily control the display states of all your parts! This little tool tip can be expanded by clicking the small “<” in the feature manager design tree. From here, you have the option to hide/show components, change display modes, appearances, and transparency options, all with a single click!
Display Pane in SolidWorks

…and there you have it! By changing some of these SOLIDWORKS settings and knowing where to access these SOLIDWORKS features you’re one step closer to working more comfortably, and efficiently. Thanks for following along!

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