Favoritism With Your Engineers

Team Work

Here at DesignPoint we believe in the No Engineer Left Behind Act. Jokes aside, we’re noticing that engineering departments may be showing favoritism, unintentionally. While its easy to justify SOLIDWORKS for the Mechanical Team, many are neglecting to recognize the Electrical Team. So, the Electrical Team keeps getting left behind. It doesn’t make any sense–there is room for efficiency gains within the Electrical Team, especially when instead of robust ECAD, they are using: Draftsight, AutoCAD Lite, PowerPoint (yes, really, we’ve seen that), or worse—they’re doing their schematics manually. We set out to find out why MCAD was getting all the love…here’s what we found.

Lack of Cross Functional Knowledge

Our Tech Clarity eBook says ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’, and Loretta Stiurca, our Senior Application Engineer who happens to specialize in Electrical, agrees. “The lack of SOLIDWORKS ECAD is due to lack of knowledge. People just don’t have enough information about what’s out there! Here is this beautiful data rich tool that can automate reporting, make collaboration easier, interfaces more intuitively and people aren’t using it. It’s not about resisting the technology per say, it’s about not knowing enough about the capabilities.”

Viva la Resistance!

….or it’s about resisting the technology. There’s risk in moving ECAD into SOLIDWORKS. ‘We’ve done it this way for X amount of years’—and while no one questions the validity of that statement. Status Quo doesn’t equate to progress and evolution. We also used to use flip phones and fax machines for many years and accepted those technologies for a time. But clearly, More Was Possible!

Then of course, there is the matter of implementation—it takes time. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. DesignPoint prides itself in its ability to not only provide you with solutions, but also to jump start them. We offer implementation services in which we do the heavy lifting. People fear having to build up a library of parts, symbols, and standard title blocks without realizing the trade off is a systematized workflow, time savings, and standardization across the whole company.

ROI Comes Quicker with MCAD

Let’s state the obvious, ECAD is a significant investment. It’s easier to play it safe, invest in MCAD and wait the average 6-10 weeks to see some of the return in productivity. You won’t be seeing that return in ECAD just as quick (we just talked about how long implanting takes), right? Wrong! The bigger the investment, the bigger the return! Immediate efficiency gains can be seen in reporting, wire numbering, and auditing, and while building up a library and defining company standards can take some time – this is arguably more time than it takes to jump into the world of 3D Modeling. The long-term efficiency gains are worth the investment in time and money.  For instance, did you know SOLIDWORKS Electrical can save more than 50 % of the time needed to create quality documentation by automating your reporting tasks alone?

Show your electrical team some love—at the bare minimum, allow them the tools to be more successful. Their success is yours after all.